Who We Cater for and How We Do It

We take children from age two right through to school.


We are experienced at supporting children who are joining a nursery school for the first time and need help to adjust to this new environment.  We have been feeding into a variety of local schools for years and will help prepare your child for reception at their primary school, be it a state school, academy or private institution.


We have a 'progress path' with our Key Person system.  The Key Groups are organised by the children's ages, their abilities and whether or not they're going to 'big' school.  Children do not stay in the same group throughout their time with us.  Children may move because they are getting older and need more challenges or perhaps they are particularly advanced and might relish the activities in another group.


You don't need to worry about transitions as we are an entirely open-plan nursery school and the staff, children and groups interact with each other on a continual basis.  We pride ourselves with helping the children to feel safe, secure and comfortable with the entire team, which makes Key Group transitions effortless.