What should my child wear?

Sticky Fingers Nursery School doesn't have a uniform for either the staff or the children as we like to encourage individuality and diversity across the board.

However, please don't send your child to nursery in clothes that you would worry might get damaged.  We have messy play every day - while we try to make sure every child has an apron on during the messiest activities, we can't guarantee it!*


We also aim to be outside every session and will go out in all weathers except thunder and lightning and when the ground is too icy.  So please make sure your child has suitable clothing and that each item is named.


In winter we recommend a good quality coat, rubber boots, mittens (not gloves), scarf and a hat.






In summer children need a wide-brimmed sun hat, a top which covers their shoulders, shoes which cover their toes and lots of sun screen applied.

*we only use washable paints with the children but they can still be tricky to remove. Try soaking the garment in pre-wash stain remover before washing; it works for the staff who also sometimes get messy!

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Do we need to tell you if our child is ill?

Definitely! If a child, who is due in, does not show up, we will call, text or email you to find out what's going on. This is a requirement all childcare providers have to abide by.

You can ring either of the nursery's numbers (07905 429 523 and 07948 690 093), send a quick text message (don't forget your child's name!) or email us at stickyfingersnurserymanager@


We also need to know what's wrong with your child. This is because some illnesses and infections are notifiable - this does NOT mean you or your child's name will be reported, only that we might need to tell the appropriate body that we have a certain disease on-site.

Child In Hospital Bed

Is anything in particular required?

Please make sure your child has their own named flannel for drying their hands on after using the loo.  We provide free milk and water, so a bottle is not required. For each session, children must bring in a piece of fruit or a vegetable for our Snack Time.  If your child stays for Lunch Club then you must also provide healthy food in an insulated lunch box* with an ice pack inside.  If they wear nappies you'll need to supply spare nappies, wipes and bags, too.

*please note that home-cooked rice is not allowed in lunch boxes as it's classified as a high-risk food.

Screenshot_2019-04-07 flannel cloth at D
Screenshot_2019-04-07 fruit vegetables a
Screenshot_2019-04-07 children's bag at
Screenshot_2019-04-07 lunch box at DuckD
Screenshot_2019-04-07 ice pack at DuckDu

Are children allowed to bring things in?

Yes, they are, but we cannot take responsibility for any items that get lost or damaged.

If your child needs a comforter then please make sure it is named and that their Key Person is aware of its existence.

When we have themed weeks, all children are encouraged to bring in something they can talk about or show at Circle Time and/or during Key Group activities which links in with our theme.


Again, we ask that everything is named and please don't bring in anything that's too precious - just in case!

Do you exclude for any illnesses or infections?

Yes.  Below is a summary of what we will exclude a child for and how long they will be excluded for.

Chickenpox - until all vesicles have crusted over

Conjunctivitis - until eyes are no longer red

CoronaVirus (COVID-19) - until told it's safe to return by medical professionals

Diarrhoea - 48 hours after last bout

Diphtheria - until cleared to return by medical professionals

Earache and Ear Infections - until temperature is back to normal levels after a few days

Fever - until temperature returns to 36-37°C maximum

German Measles (Rubella) - four days from onset of rash

Hand, Foot & Mouth - until the child feels better

Head Lice and Nits - until child is treated and bedding and towels have been hot washed

Hepatitis A - until seven days after symptoms appeared

Impetigo - until lesions are crusted and healed, at least 48 hours after treatment started

Measles - four days from onset of rash

Meningitis - until fully recovered

Mumps - five days after onset of swelling

Ringworm - until medical treatment has started

Scabies - after first treatment has started

Scarlet Fever - 24 hours after commencing appropriate antibiotic treatment

Shingles - if rash is weeping or child is in pain

Threadworms - until pharmacy treatment has started

Typhoid - until there is evidence of microbiological clearance

Vomiting and Nausea - 48 hours after last episode of sickness

Warts and Verrucae - until treated and securely covered

Whooping Cough - 48 hours from commencing antibiotic treatment


With some caveats, we do not usually exclude children with the following conditions...

Cold Sores - pharmacy treatment is strongly recommended

Colds and Viral Infections - assuming infection is mild and the child doesn't have a temperature

Cough - only if minor in nature, non-persistent and the child is otherwise well

Oral Thrush - no exclusion other than if the child has a temperature with it

Slapped Cheek - by the time the rash appears they are no longer infectious

Sore Throat - assuming no fever is present

Tonsillitis - children can still attend with very mild cases, as long as they're otherwise well

Is anything not allowed?

Hooped earrings are too risky for nursery school as there's a chance they could get snagged on some of our resources.  Studs, however, are acceptable.

Necklaces without safety chains are strictly forbidden as they are a strangulation risk.

Shoes should have closed-toes to better protect little feet from our bikes, trikes and scooters.  Flip-Flops are not permitted because they do not offer any foot protection nor adequate foot support.

What are the rules regarding time off?

As a private nursery school we do not restrict parents/guardians from taking their child away for a day out or holiday. We appreciate the value in taking your child away for a new experience.


Do tell us if you'd like to take time off, though, as we'll need to be aware for our records. We also cannot offer any refunds for sessions or clubs missed as we will be holding the place open for you.

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