Sticky Fingers Nursery Cylex Link

Cylex 1. Please tell us a little about Sticky Fingers Nursery School.

Sticky Fingers Nursery School: Sticky Fingers started as Pendleton Nursery about five decades ago. In 1999 the old premises were acquisitioned so we moved to our current location in Whitebushes, Redhill and we have been here ever since! We've got staff at Sticky Fingers who have been with us since before the move and we like to think that's because we're a happy setting for staff and children alike.

Cylex 2. How long will it take for a child to settle at your nursery?

Sticky Fingers Nursery School: It's important to recognise that every child is different – some are so secure that from the moment they arrive they act like they're at home. Other children haven't been left anywhere before so might take a few sessions to get to know us and feel confident. We recommend a minimum of two sessions a week to help this process.


Cylex 3. Is there something that is needed to bring with the child every day?

Sticky Fingers Nursery School: Each child needs their own flannel to dry their hands after washing and a named drinks bottle – both of which can be kept in their basket. We also ask parents/guardians to bring in one piece of fruit or a vegetable each session for us to prepare with the children, as we have a healthy eating policy in place.

Cylex 4. Do you have a curriculum? What kind of activities do you provide?

Sticky Fingers Nursery School: We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Development Matters as a framework to planning everything we do at Sticky Fingers Nursery. Our activities, which can be adult-led or child-led, are based around the seven areas of learning:

  • Communication and Language

  • Physical Development

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Literacy

  • Mathematics

  • Understanding the World

  • Expressive Arts and Design


Activities include exploring media and materials, mark making, nature walks, construction, cooking and baking, role play, small world, science and I.C.T., stories, songs, computer programmes, board games as well as numerous ride-on equipment for physical development. We also go on outings such as a day trip to nearby Godstone Farm.


Cylex 5. Do you cook your own food?

Sticky Fingers Nursery School: While we don't offer cooked lunches for our Lunch Club we do have an oven, hob and microwave which we use to do baking and cooking activities with the children. We've made cakes, multi-coloured jellies, biscuits and vegetable soup amongst other things. Packed lunches are required for our popular but optional Lunch Club; we're happy to warm up food if necessary. All staff have up-to-date Food Hygiene certificates.

Cylex 6. What  are the fees and how are they paid?

Sticky Fingers Nursery School: We accept children from two to five years and everyone is offered fully flexible government funding each week. Most children are funded by the government from the first term after their third birthday. Some two years olds are funded by the Free Early Education for Two year olds programme (F.E.E.T.); but those who don't qualify for funding pay £17.70 per session. Lunch Club is 30 minutes long and costs £2.95 per session, but can be paid for with government funding. Otherwise, fees are payable by cash, cheque, bank transfer or childcare vouchers.


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