Key Groups & Key People

We operate a Key Person and Buddy system at Sticky Fingers Nursery School.  Children are grouped by age and ability and will be allocated a Key Person when they start.  All groups are kept small and intimate for the most productive environment. The Key Person will be your first port of call if you want updates on your child's progress and if you wish to discuss anything.  The Buddy will support the Key Person in the day-to-day observations and planning implementation for your child.

Butterflies- [inactive]

Bumblebees - Gill

Most children in Bumblebees will be going to school and will join in with lots of advanced learning through more complex activities and adventures.  School readiness is a key part of this group.

Grasshoppers- [inactive]

Dragonflies - Karien

Caterpillars - Laura

The Caterpillars Group children will partake in specialist games and activities targeted towards each individual child's needs.  This group is currently operating as an additional school readiness group for older children.

Ladybirds - Jacqui

The younger children in the Ladybirds group will benefit from shorter circle times and activities designed with younger children in mind.  It features lots of one-to-one play.